I work with individual adults to assist in a diverse range of therapy needs in the Farnham area

I like to work collaboratively with clients to establish a respectful, empathic relationship and together set up a course of therapy that fits the individual’s specific personality and needs.

My aim when working with clients is to empower them to bring about changes in their internal life, which in turn will affect their behaviour and, subsequently, those around them.

I work hard to try and understand how my client’s past has impacted them in the present, as well as exploring the complexities of their current relationships. I also believe that my clients may be helped through changing some of their thought patterns, in conjunction with addressing complex and often overwhelming emotional issues.

I welcome the opportunity to work with both men and women. When working with children and teenagers, I engage them within their family context as I have found this the most effective way to bring about growth and change.

I have particular experience in working with those facing addiction and my initial training was in an alcohol addiction centre, where I found the work both challenging and rewarding.

I offer counselling/psychotherapy for a range of issues including but not limited to the following:

❯  Emotional, physical, sexual abuse
❯  Adoption and attachment issues
❯  Depression, anxiety, stress
❯  Gender identity
❯  Relationship difficulties
❯  Grief and loss
❯  Trauma
❯  Addiction

tree on a clif
tree on a clif

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