Couples Counselling

I have been formally trained as an Emotion Focused Therapist (EFT) and am registered with The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (  EFT was developed and formulated in the 1980’s by Les Greenberg and Sue Johnson in Canada.  Since then, the originators have each focused on slightly different aspects of emotional well- being and as a result, I have undergone training under both Johnson and Greenberg. I have been working with couples facing a range of issues for over three years.

If you choose to work with me, my first task will be to create a safe relationship with both you and your partner equally.  The next task will be to explore and track how emotions direct your interactions as a couple and to define your interactional / emotional cycle or “dance”.  By helping you to recognise the patterns of reaction and emotional misinterpretation in your relationship, I will help you to work together to pre-empt and avoid these repeating patterns.   As a result, you will be able to express your emotions and needs to each other in a constructive way.  This will enable an improved understanding between you and your partner and, more importantly, a new, deeper and more engaged emotional experience of each other.  This recalibration of your emotions often takes time and the new experience needs to be repeated a number of times before it is trusted by you or your partner. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and to explore the possibility of working with you and your partner.